Monday, January 23, 2012

Dynamics of natural pest & predator control

Trigger, security

What does an organic establishment do for pest & predator control?  

I can’t speak for others, but here at Wet Hen, LLC we utilize as many natural means as possible without ever resorting to poisons and, so far (knock on wood) haven’t had to use our .22 LR Rutger on the bigger threats. 

Our dog, Trigger (adopted from the Humane Society just over 7 years ago), is our main line of defense against large predators.  He chases off coyotes, raccoons, ‘possums, and more!  He also marks his territory, which can be a deterrent for many others.  Trigger is the ever-stoic watch dog.  Not a barky dog, but more of the strong silent type.  We rarely hear him bark unless someone’s on the property that he doesn’t know or there’s a predator (coyote pack, neighbors dog, etc) setting foot on his territory.  

Smokey, pest control

We have two cats on our premises for mole, mouse, and rat control.  Smokey is our oldest feline (adopted him as a kitten from a neighbor who had rescued him from a dumpster in summer 2007) and Tawnta is a bonafide bred, born, and raised farm cat (adopted in summer 2010 as soon as he was weaned from his momma).  Both are mainly outdoor kitties, but when it gets cold out, they’re allowed access to our utility room for the warmth and safety.  

Smokey is the quiet, shy type who melts away into the background as soon as 
someone he’s not familiar with arrives.  The second the strangers are gone?  He’s back roaming his territory for birds who don’t belong to our flock or mice who are attempting to sneak a morsel from the chicken feeders.  

Tawnta, pest control
Tawnta is by far our in-your-face, friendly, outgoing personality of the bunch!  He is #1 at hunting his prey and catching it.  We’ve watched him numerous times patrolling the the fields looking for prey of the furry or wild feather kind.  He’s a site to see!  Gives you some idea of just how a mountain lion might do it.  (We’ve even caught him stalking a deer or two over the years!!  LOL)  
Just a few of our feathery friends
Then there’s our 40 feathery domesticated friends who have their own house painted to match the main manor.  They will eat insects, 

slugs, snails, weeds, and (yes, even) mice.  
They also aerate the lawn and provide natural fertilizer.  

It’s interesting to watch the dynamics of them working together, balancing it all out.  Doing their part to ensure we all live naturally.    

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