Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grandpa's scrambled eggs

UGH!  Broke a yolk.
(not something grandpa would've done)

When I was growing, my maternal grandparents were an important part of my life.  Even more so when I was a teenager and had to go live with them!  When grandpa passed away in 1992, I lost an integral part of my heart.  But he lives on in my memories and in the stories I tell my children (grandpa knew my firstborn and they bonded well, but he never got to meet my second born who’s named after him).  
Now technically, grandpa’s eggs weren’t scrambled in the sense that most people understand scrambled eggs to be.  His were actually just sunny side up and partly cloudy (not over easy, fried right side up and then hot grease is spooned over the top to make the yolks cloudy) and then smothered in pepper.  At all times, the yolks are runny, not firm.    
Flipped these eggs so you can see how
crispy they're getting on bottom.
It’s what he did with them after they were fried with a crispy egg white and yet creamy yolk perfection that got me and my siblings to refer to them as ‘grandpa’s scrambled eggs’! 

My grandpa wasn’t much of a cook, nor was he big on any seasonings beyond salt or pepper!  Once his eggs were on his plate, he’d smash them up until the crispy egg whites and yolks were co-mingled.  (minus the extreme pepper saturation for me? YUMMMMMMM)  

(almost) Grandpa scrambled eggs
Pure decadence!

Since my 9 year old is a huge fan of eggs, he frequently has them for breakfast with a side of whole grain toast.  We go between the choices of “daddy’s scrambled eggs” (the more traditional version) or “grandpa’s scrambled eggs”.  He almost always chooses grandpa’s tho' and sops up all the golden goodness on his plate with his toast.

Many times over breakfast, we talk about this grandpa he's never met.  How he was a good man, a hard worker, and full of love for his family.               

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