Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh baby, it's cold outside!

First snow day of the year! (15 January 2012)
Yesterday, we got our first spit of snow of the winter!  We had more snow overnight (at least 3" on my van windshield when I got up) and yet more snow throughout the day today.


Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be sticking around for very long, but this still means we'll have "slicker than soap on a brass doorknob" roads in the mornings!  

Personally, I'm not a cold, wet, icy winter fan.  If I want snow, I prefer to go visit it up on the mountain than have it in my front yard!  LOL  I'm all about the sunny get-warm-to-the-bones weather.  Barring that?  I'll take sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and mini marshmallows.

Regardless, my flock doesn't seem to be bothered by it much.  I've opened their coop door to let them out to free-range both days.  They found the snow interesting - pecked at it a few times before they discovered there wasn't much too it.  Then they just scratched through it to find the little tasty morsels underneath.  (not that there's much to be found at this time of year!)  When they got chilled, they'd head off for the coop, sit on the roost for spell, and tuck their feet under their feathers for warmth.  When they got their little tootsie's warmed up, they'd be off again peckin' and a scratchin' through the snow.
Snow doesn't sway them in their efforts!  (15 January 2012)

I followed them around with the camera the first day.  Managed to get several pics.  (if you've noticed our hen, Ms. Fussy Britches, in the snow filled tree branches, that was taken November 2010 when we had just over 20" of snow on the ground!)

Today, I didn't have the opportunity to snap pics as I was doing my volunteer work at Mountain Community Co-Op.  However, I let them out before I left for my shift.  Hubby said they pretty much stayed outside all day while I was gone and some hung out under the row of Douglas Firs that border our property and a neighbors place.  Other's just stayed out in the open field.  Several were still outside when I made it back home even tho' the temps were dropping.  My gals always raise a fuss of initial greeting when I pull in the driveway.  This brings the hens in the coop outside and they come a runnin' for me too.  Then they make chucking and clucking noises as if to tell me about their day while I walk to the coop to check for eggs or to see if they need a water refill or food in the feeder.

Egg laid 16 January 2012
Despite the cold, I seem to be getting more eggs than usual for this time of year.  Bonus.  I have even gotten a couple of 82g sized eggs!  (Jumbo sized eggs are 70g or greater)  Double bonus!

As always, I made my 'rounds again this evening when the flock went to roost.  I rechecked the nests for eggs, checked their feed, and checked their water.  I stroked a few feathers, giving thanks for the bounty they provide, and said "goodnight".  I then locked them up, all safe and snug with a promise to see them in the morning to let them back out once again.


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