Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow, Ice, Floods, & Wind Storms!!!

Pine tree covered in ice (19 Jan 2012)
We have been experiencing some pretty wild weather here in our neck of the woods!

Started out with a major dump of snow.  Directly after, we had freezing rain which caused a major ice build-up on all the vegetation.  This caused trees to snap like twigs, tearing down power lines in their wake.

From there, sudden warm temps and torrential rains caused a quick thaw of snow and ice.  This, in turn, caused low area flooding.  (We even have standing water on our small acreage and we've only experienced that once before in the 9.5yrs we've owned it!)  And while we still have many trees precariously dangling over our power lines across the Puget Sound, we now have 30mph wind gusts trying to finish the job of bringing them down!

Our kids were out of school on Monday due to the holiday, but never made it to school the rest of the week from the weather cancelations.  At first, it was fun for them.  Snow day!!  Go out, play in it.  Build snow men and snow forts.  Rejoice!!

Neighbors fence line (19 Jan 2012)
Now?  I've heard many kids grumble about how they wish school were back in session.  They're done with all this and, truth be told, so are the adults!    

We were without power for at least 51 hours in freezing cold temps.  We're relatively "lucky" compared to some tho'!  There are still thousands without it... and with these winds, those of us lucky enough to have power back after days without it, might well be back living in the dark ages again shortly enough.  (sigh)

We've been relatively well prepared for such moments.  Pantry and freezer are well stocked.  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Both propane tanks for the gas grill are always full (so when electric goes out, I have a source to boil water or cook meals).  Bottled water.  Winter wear (coats, gloves, boots, long underwear, etc).  Extra blankets (I buy these at the end of season when they're on sale up to 75% off).  Extra firewood for the fireplace.  Gas for the generator (to keep the refrigerator, freezer, and water pump running).  Rock salt for the walkways.  Extra dog, cat, and chicken food.

Icy trees (19 Jan 2012)
I've tried to dot my "i's" and cross my "t's" as much as one possibly can when anticipating disaster.  I sometimes get teased by my hubby, family, and friends for my efforts in preparing for such a potential event.

Well, they aren't laughing now!

At this point, I'm glad I don't use artificial light or added heat to my chicken coop.  Why?  For one thing, it has prepared my flock for the inclement weather and freezing cold temps.  They have their proper feathering in to keep them nice and snug inside their coop.  They're still laying eggs.  I believe they're surviving this better than we are!  LOL

With the exception of two days this past week (when I only allowed them in the run due to a neighbors dog running lose), they've been happily clucking about the pasture, scratching through the snow for tasty treats and doing their best to find a great dust bath underneath it all.  They are a determined lot!

Crazy birds....  (and I honestly say that with much affection!  LOL)

Me?  Well, I'm a sun worshipper.  Prefer the heat over the cold.  I don't have a feathery winter coat and can't stand to be wearing layers unless it's an absolutely, positively, no-way-around-it necessity.  (Well, this past week it's been a necessity!)  I prefer to stay inside in front of the fireplace, reading a good book, and a hot cup of cocoa.

I cannot wait until spring, when the winter chill fades and it starts to warm up again.

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